Saving lives through education of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby facts: In the United States, 1,200 children die each year from Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) / Abusive Head Trauma and thousands more suffer life-altering injuries as a result of having been shaken. The statistics are particularly heartbreaking because Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)/Abusive Head Trauma is 100 percent preventable. So, why does it continue to occur? The reason, we believe, is because while the phrase “Shaken Baby Syndrome” may be familiar to many, few fully understand it. Most caregivers can’t imagine a circumstance where they’d lose control with a child to the point of inflicting life-threatening injury. But did you know that as little as 2-3 seconds of violent shaking can cause brain damage or death?

A single moment of uncontrolled frustration can take a life.
A single hour of education can save one.

Anyone who comes in contact with a baby must know the facts. Prevention is the solution.
Know the facts of Shaken Baby Syndrome:

  • Awareness: This isn’t someone else’s problem. Each one of us has the potential to become frustrated when caring for a baby.
  • Mechanism of Injury: What happens to a baby’s brain when he’s shaken back and forth?
  • What SBS is Not: Can bouncing a baby on my knee cause Shaken Baby Syndrome? No.
  • Strategy & Prevention: Easy ways to safely manage a stressful situation.
  • Commitment: Encourage everyone to be part of the movement; to share their knowledge and commit to never shaking a baby.

Saving Dollars
When children do survive Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma, many are left with handicaps ranging from mild learning disorders to more profound conditions such as having intellectual disabiities or paralysis. The cost to care for each of these children is astounding; millions of dollars over a lifetime, including costs for acute care rehabilitation and lifelong therapy.

But these medical expenses don’t begin to capture the cost to society for each life tragically altered as the result of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Abusive Head Trauma.

Consider the cost to:

  • Prosecute and incarcerate perpetrators
  • Provide expert care for the survivor
  • Fund special education instruction and equipment in schools
  • Provide family counseling
  • Furnish transportation
  • Supply medications

Abusers rarely pay for these costs. Instead, victim families, taxpayers and insurance companies pick up the tab. Our goal is to eliminate these costs by preventing incidents of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

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