Curriculum for middle and high schools

Teaching students to make positive healthy choices that create a safe environment for themselves and others requires more than concepts.  The CDC believes less effective curricula often overemphasize teaching scientific facts and increasing student knowledge (not behaviors).  What we know now to develop healthy behavior skills, students require the tools to incorporate the appropriate skills into their daily lives.  This changes how we must look shifting our paradigm for preventative education too.

The Shaken Baby Association collaborated with Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to provide educators, therapists, counselors, and school nurses a tool to teach students about self-care through healthy behavior choices.  The result is a curriculum that incorporates Center for Disease Control Healthy Schools National Health Education Standards; and, meets Wisconsin Statue 253.15 requirements.

Today, the need for both virtual and in-class options is even more important.  This free curriculum is available on this website or can be downloaded to Google Classroom for remote classrooms.   Unit and Lesson plans and all materials can be downloaded free of charge.

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    School Based Programs

    Wisconsin is one of only a handful of states that requires public schools to deliver instruction about Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). The Wisconsin legislation was passed in 2006. And while we wholeheartedly support the intent of the legislation, the fact is, there's no state funding available to support or police its implementation. As a result, school districts are left to fend for themselves. Many simply don't bother attempting to fulfill the SBS curriculum mandate. Others deliver content that isn't complete. We're uniquely positioned to change that so this school program is the first step in fulfilling the intent of this law.

    Shaken Baby Association has partnered with SERVE Marketing and Association for the Rights of Citizens with handicaps (ARCh) to debunk myths about Shaken Baby Syndrome and sharing SBS prevention strategies for more than a decade. It's working.

    We've delivered the message to thousands of students over the years and based on their input, we continually refine our presentation to deliver the most relevant, impactful story about SBS prevention. It's working in areas where we've delivered the SBS curriculum. We're clearly getting through to the next generation of parents and caregivers.

    A comprehensive SBS curriculum for high school & middle school, is now available. Together we will save lives and save dollars.

    SBS Curriculum
    for middle and high school


    Teacher led presentation


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