SBA_layersOrganize a radio road block in your area. Contact all the radio station station managers in your area and ask them to air the "Crying Mia" radio spot all at the same time on the same day. This media event is a called a radio road block. It is usually preceded by press coverage in newspapers, tv, radio and magazines for the upcoming event. And it is followed up with coverage about the event and general discussions about Shaken Baby Syndrome.

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Consequences of Rage

Crying Mia




stickerLocal school groups have contacted local hardware store, grocery or convenience store to sponsor placement of stickers. They read "Shake this, but Never Ever Shake a Baby." They are put on items that you normally shake (WD-40, salad dressing, orange juice, spray paint, etc.)

pinSpread the message by wearing a SBA pin. This will heighten awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Wearing the broken block pin provides a reminder to all who see it. It shouts of the broken lives of children, families, and our community due to Shaken Baby Syndrome.