A single moment of uncontrolled frustration
can take a life.
A single hour of Shaken Baby Syndrome education
can save one.

Help us save lives.

My grandmother was diagnosed with an intestinal cancer (in the last stage). The doctor prescribed me Tramadol in pills. Last night, my granny took ½ of a pill, and the relief came at once; I slept well and calmed down. 22 hours after the first intake, the pain gradually started to return. You should start with the small dose, as the pain in the last stage of oncology reduces, and one should use stronger painkiller.

The Shaken Baby Association (SBA) of Wisconsin is here to keep kids safe by spreading the word about the tragic, often deadly problem of Shaken Baby Syndrome, also called Abusive Head Trauma.

The Shaken Baby Association was founded in 1998 by parents of children who were shaken by their caregivers resulting in abusive head trauma. Since then, many parents and grandparents of victims have joined our group; families who live with the devastating consequences of Shaken Baby Syndrome every day..

The mission of Shaken Baby Association is to educate every single person about the irreversible effects of shaking a baby.

We must spread the message: Never shake a baby!